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The Official Website of the
ETAC Programming Language

Site Last Updated:  21 February 2019

Site Map

The home page of the official website for the ETAC Programming Language.
Introduction, Features of ETAC, Script Examples.

General information about the ETAC Programming language.
Latest Versions, First Release, Release Type, Current Licences, Platforms, Documentation Languages, Code Pages, Libraries, Application Program Interaction, The ETAC Interpreter, The ETAC Programming Language.

News and announcements relating to the ETAC system and the website.
Latest Announcements.

Lists the release history of the ETAC system.
ETAC Programming Language, RunETAC (Run ETAC Scripts), AppETAC (ETAC for Applications), ETACCompiler (ETAC Compiler), ETACSource (ETAC Source Files), ETACCodeGenEXE (ETAC Code Generator EXE).

All downloads relating to this website.
The ETAC System, Downloads.

All the documentation available for the ETAC system.
ETAC Documents, ETAC Code Generator EXE Documents, Licence Documents.

Intrinsic and external libraries available for the ETAC system.
Intrinsic TAC Libraries, Intrinsic Script Libraries, External TAC Libraries, ETAC Script Libraries.

Software products that use the ETAC programming language.
ETAC Code Generator.

Contains frequently asked questions about the ETAC programming language.

Contains screen shots and other pictures relating to the ETAC programming language.
ETAC Screenshots, ETAC Utility Screenshots.

ETAC Issues
Contains matters concerning the ETAC programming language package that need attention, include a list of known current faults in the latest ETAC package.
Current ETAC Faults, Previous ETAC Faults.

Legal Notices
All the legal notices relevant to the ETAC system and this website.
Copyright Notices, Trademark Notices.

The e-mail contact addresses for general enquiries and comments, and for ETAC bug reporting.
Support, E-mail Addresses.