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The Official Website of the
ETAC Programming Language

Site Last Updated:  21 February 2019

General Announcements

This page contains news and announcements relating to the ETAC system and the website.  Dates are in the form DMY.

Latest Announcements

  • Production Version of ETAC Re-released 21/02/2019
    The first production version of the ETAC programming language and ETAC package is re-released to the public.
    The production (“stable”) version of ETAC has been re-released, and includes a new ETAC Code Generator utility.  The programs in this release have been amended to be compatible with operating systems later than Windows XP without needing to set the compatibility mode under “Properties” of the executable files.  The functionality of the programs in this release is identical to the previous release 01/02/2019.  The version numbers have not changed.  If the first release (01/02/2019) has already been downloaded and installed, this release can be downloaded and reinstalled after removing the Windows XP compatibility mode from the executable files in the existing installation.  The two files re-released are: ETAC_Installers_2-ena.zip and ETACCodeGenEXE_Installer_1-ena.zip.
  • Production Version of ETAC Released 01/02/2019
    The first production version of the ETAC programming language and ETAC package is released to the public.
    The production (“stable”) version of ETAC has been released, and includes a new ETAC Code Generator utility.
  • Website Updated 01/02/2019
    The ETAC web site has been updated to include a Products page.
    The Products page contains substantial products that use the ETAC programming language.
  • New ETAC Code Generator Utility Program 01/02/2019
    A new ETAC utility program, ETAC Code Generator, is now included in the latest release of the ETAC system.
    The ETAC Code Generator uses programmable template text files containing special descriptive codes and text to generate and update the desired text files.  The ETAC Code Generator is ideally suited to generate source code for computer programs, but is completely universal.  It is therefore able to generate any text file from templates.  This is a substantial ETAC program.  The ETAC Code Generator is also released as a stand-alone executable program.  See ETAC Code Generator for details.
  • ETAC Script Libraries to be Completed 15/05/2018
    Documentation for a few ETAC script libraries needs to be completed before being formally released.
    Three ETAC script libraries (etacFunctions.etac, CreateDlgRes.etac, and MemLook.etac) have been informally released in the form of ETAC binary code.  These libraries are required by other released utilities.  When the documentation for the libraries is completed, the ETAC source code for the three libraries will be formally released.
  • ETAC Graphics Work to be Completed 15/05/2018
    Work is being completed for a fully featured interact graphics system for ETAC.
    The C++ code for an earlier unreleased graphics system needs to be adapted and enhanced for use with the ETAC system.  The graphics system will be incorporated into AppETAC.dll.  This work will also include making ETAC Unicode compatible.
  • External TAC Library to be Done 15/05/2018
    Work needs to be done to create an external TAC library for file and memory access.
    This work is intended for the future to allow ETAC code to access file and memory data in a more comprehensive way than is available through the standard TAC library.