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ETAC Issues

This page contains matters concerning the ETAC programming language package that need attention.  Such matters, or “issues”, include a list of known current faults in the latest ETAC package.

Current ETAC Faults

The following is the list of known current ETAC faults that exist in the latest ETAC package.  Insignificant faults may not be listed below.  The faults are intended to be resolved in the next ETAC release if possible.  In the meantime, significant faults can be fixed for the current release by downloading and running the ETACPatcher-1_1-ena.exe program if specified below.  See the download page for more details about ETACPatcher-1_1-ena.exe.

The list below shows the ARN (action record number) of the fault, and the date (YMD) that the entry was reported.  The blue text is a summary of the fault or issue.

  • C11  2018/05/30
    An error event occurs when calling @DefData() with more than one named base data object.
    Details: For example, the following code @DefData("D1"){}; @DefData("D2"){}; @DefData("D3")["D1", "D2"]{}; causes an EMPTY_STACK error.  A different error event may occur depending on the state of the operator stack.
    Fix: ETACPatcher-1_1-ena.exe.
  • C5  2018/05/26
    The command line keyword, 'LOG_FILE=', is ignored by RunETAC.exe which uses the keyword itself as the argument.
    Details: For example, if RunETAC.exe is executed via a command line (or a shortcut file) with the following RunETAC.exe SCRIPTS=MyScript.etac LOG_FILE="C:\Folder\MyLog.log" and MyScript.etac causes an error event, then the specified log file path is ignored, and instead, the log entries are written to a file named LOGFILE= in the current directory.
    Fix: ETACPatcher-1_1-ena.exe.
  • C2  2018/05/23
    The ETAC Compiler program fails to create a warnings file when run from a portable Run ETAC Scripts installation.
    Details: This applies only to a portable Run ETAC Scripts installation when CheckETACFile.btac is run.  If the ETAC compiler files are copied to the portable installation directory, as stated in the ETAC_Preliminaries.pdf document, when CheckETACFile.btac is run (typically via the Syntax Check ETAC File shortcut file), the ETAC compiler may issue an error message saying that it cannot create the warnings file (this is because the Data directory does not exist).  The Data directory should be created automatically.  This is not a critical problem and can be ignored.
    Workaround: Create an empty Data folder under the ETACCompiler folder in the portable Run ETAC Scripts installation.
    Fix: Future ETAC release.