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ETAC Programming Language

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Download Information

The ETAC package is free of charge, but is not open source or publicly owned.  It is privately owned and copyrighted, and there are some licence restrictions on its use.  The relevant licence terms and conditions are presented with each installation, and also included in each installation.  The licence files are: RunETAC_Licence.pdf, AppETAC_Licence.pdf, ETACSource_Licence.pdf, and ECGTemplates_Licence.pdf.



The ETAC System

The ETAC system is included in the single file ETAC_Installers_.zip (where represents the version identification of the file).  The C++ source code for the ETAC system is not available, but ETAC code files used by ETAC are included in the relevant installers within ETAC_Installers_.zip.  The file contains the following four self-installation executable files, along with a copy the document ETAC_Preliminaries.pdf.

  • RunETAC__Installer.exe (Run ETAC Files) contains the ETAC documents and the core ETAC files to run ETAC programs.  It also contains some ETAC utility programs.
  • AppETAC__Installer.exe (ETAC for Applications) contains the ETAC documents and files to run ETAC programs from an application program written in the C++ programming language.  It also contains the C++ header files to create external TAC libraries.
  • ETACCompiler__Installer.exe (ETAC Compiler) contains the documents and the ETAC compiler to convert ETAC code files from one form to another, and to syntax check ETAC text script files.
  • ETACSource__Installer.exe (ETAC Source Files) contains the ETAC text script files for the ETAC system and ETAC utility programs.

ETAC Utility Programs

The following ETAC utility programs (written in ETAC and supplied with source code) are included in the downloaded ETAC package.


Produces a standard dialog box resource data file (.res) and an ETAC text script file (.etac) from a user-designed text-based visual layout of a dialog box and its controls.  Both files are used in an ETAC text script file for displaying a dialog box.


Shows the basic contents of the dialog box specifications existing in a standard resource file (.res), displaying the dialog boxes and named control events triggered by the user.


*** New ***

This is a substantial ETAC program.  This program uses programmable template text files containing special descriptive codes and text to generate and maintain text files.  The ETAC Code Generator is ideally suited to generate and maintain source code for computer programs, but is completely universal.  It is therefore able to generate any text file from text template files.  See ETAC Code Generator for more details.

The ETAC Code Generator is also released as a self-contained executable program named ETACCodeGen.exe within the ETACCodeGenEXE_Installer_1-ena.zip package, which does not require the Run ETAC Scripts system to be installed.


Copies or moves files from source to destination with or without backup.  ETAC code can be specified to be activated before and after the transfer of each file.


An implementation of a simple interactive ETAC interpreter which accepts and runs ETAC statements from the console window.  This program is mainly for illustration purposes, but can be adapted to suit the user if desired.


A program for entering and testing keyword-argument formats which can be used in ETAC text script.


A program for entering and testing string pattern matching formats which can be used in ETAC text script.

System Requirements

ETAC is only released for the Windows® operating system using the x86 (32-bit) architecture (it can also run on the x64 (64-bit) architecture) beginning with Windows® XP.  Note that ETAC is not released for other platforms and non-Windows® operating systems.  It is expected to operate correctly on any Windows® operating system compatible with the one mentioned.  The nominal memory usage of ETAC is insignificant.  ETAC was formally tested on the Windows® XP (x86) and Windows® 7 (x64) operating systems only.


ETAC is released only in the (Australian) English language.  See the Documentation page for downloading ETAC and other documentation.  Note that all documentation is included in the download file ETAC_Installers_.zip.

Installation Procedure

  1. Download the ETAC_Installers_.zip file.
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip file, and read ETAC_Preliminaries.pdf for further information.
  3. Switch to an administration account on your computer and run the desired self-installation executable files.


All relevant documents and licences are included in the downloaded files.  No internet connection is required after the files have been downloaded.  Dates are in YMD format.

NOTE: The executable files in the downloads should work correctly on non-Windows XP operating systems without making a Windows XP compatibility change.  However, if an executable file crashes or fails on an operating system later than Windows XP then the executable file may need to be made compatible with that operating system.  This can be done via the Properties » Compatibility tab for the executable file.  Select “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” and “Change settings for all users”.  The compatibility mode should be removed before uninstalling the programs.

    ETAC_Installers_2-ena.zip  (2019/02/21)

      DOWNLOAD   Contains the following:
  • ETAC_Preliminaries.pdf  (2019/01/15)
  • RunETAC_2-0-6-ena_Installer.exe  (2019/02/21)
  • AppETAC_2-0-6-ena_Installer.exe  (2019/02/21)
  • ETACCompiler_1-0-6-ena_Installer.exe  (2019/02/21)
  • ETACSource_2-ena_Installer.exe  (2019/02/21)

    ETACCodeGenEXE_Installer_1-ena.zip  (2019/02/21)

      DOWNLOAD   Contains the following:
  • ETACCodeGenEXE_Licence.pdf  (2019/01/13)
  • ECGTemplates_Licence.pdf  (2019/01/13)
  • ETACCodeGenEXE_1-0.1-2-ena_Installer.exe  [beta]  (2019/02/21)
  • See ETAC Code Generator for details on the executable implementation of the ETAC Code Generator.
  • The ETAC Code Generator is included (with ETAC source code) in ETAC_Installers_2-ena.zip as an ETAC utility program.
  • This is a self-contained implementation of the ETAC Code Generator for computers that do not have the Run ETAC Scripts package installed.
  • The ETAC source code for the ETAC Code Generator is not included in this download.
  • The system requirements are the same as for the Run ETAC Scripts package (as stated under System Requirements above).
  • ETACCodeGenEXE_1-0.1-2-ena_Installer.exe can be installed from a user's (non-administration) account.