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ETAC Programming Language

Site Last Updated:  17 December 2018


This page shows all the documentation available for the ETAC system.

ETAC Documents

The following list of documents are for the latest release.  Note that all documentation is included in the download file ETAC_Installers_1-ena.zip.

ETAC_Preliminaries.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  Preliminaries before using ETAC
Shows how to install and run ETAC.  This is the first document that should be read before installing the ETAC package for the first time.

ETACOverview.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  An overview of ETAC
Presents an overview of the ETAC programming language with examples.

ETACProgLang(Official).pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  The Official ETAC Programming Language
This is the official definition of the ETAC programming language.  Includes the definition of the language, debugging, programming guide, and reference, as well as a few appendices.

RunETAC.chm DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  Run ETAC Scripts Help
Presents an overview of the events that occur when running an ETAC code file.  Also describes the command line parameters for ‘RunETAC.exe’.

ETACWithCPP.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  ETAC: Interacting with C++
Describes how application programs written in the C++ programming language can intercommunicate directly with the ETAC interpreter, and also how to create external TAC libraries.

ETACCompiler.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: ETACCompiler_1-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  The ETAC Compiler
Describes how to use the ETAC Compiler program to convert one ETAC code file to another, and how to do a thorough syntax check on ETAC text script files.

ETACCompiler.chm DOWNLOAD  (included in: ETACCompiler_1-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  ETAC Compiler Help
Describes the command line parameters for ‘ETACCompiler.exe’.

ETACErrorCodes.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe, AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  ETAC Compilation and Run-time Error Codes
Presents the compilation and run-time error codes produced when running or compiling ETAC code files.

ETACSource_1-ena.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: ETACSource_1-ena_Installer.exe)
  ETAC Source Files
Describes the ETAC source files for version 1-ena release.

Licence Documents

The following list of documents are for the latest release.  Note that all relevant documentation is included in the download file ETAC_Installers_1-ena.zip.

RunETAC_Licence.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: RunETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe ETACCompiler_1-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  RunETAC Licence 1  (RE-Lic-1)

AppETAC_Licence.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: AppETAC_2-0.1-6-ena_Installer.exe)
  AppETAC Licence 1  (AE-Lic-1)

ETACSource_Licence.pdf DOWNLOAD  (included in: ETACSource_1-ena_Installer.exe)
  ETACSource Licence 1  (ES-Lic-1)